Hai Flat Iron

The Classic Hai Flat Iron

hai flat ironThere are countless benefits to using a Hai Flat Iron, especially if your hair is always difficult, wavy or really curly. Customers say they enjoy being able to turn their unmanageable hair into silky straight hair, and this flat iron will do just that.

They also rave about its success because of how it turns hair straight without the use of other haircare products. This alone will save a ton of time and money.

The HAI flat iron has specially coated ceramic heat panels, which means that your hair will always be protected from the heat that is being used to straighten it. By using effective and safe infra-red heat, HAI flat irons help to lock in moisture and keep your color longer. Unlike other flat irons that use other types of heating elements, the ceramic plates really do protect your hair and eliminate the frizziness that customers often see when they use inferior hair straighteners.

The Hai Flat Iron Can Tame All Hair Types

The other benefit of the Hai Flat Iron is it has adjustable heat, which allows all different hair types to use the iron. The iron is preset at 170 degrees, but for damaged, bleached, or fine hair, it is suggested to use the iron on the lowest setting. With regular use and normal hair, then the middle range is strongly recommended. However, if the hair is coarse, thick or resistant, it can go up to 390 degrees and should be used on the highest setting. The variable temperature settings provide the stylist options, making it easier to use on different types of hair. It allows for more style possibilities, and it won’t matter whether the hair is extremely curly or only wavy.

Heats Up Quick!

For your safety, having a flat iron that heats quickly and has an automatic turn-off is essential. Many customers find that in a hurry to get out of the door in the morning, they forget to turn off their flat iron. But, with the HAI flat irons, you never have to worry about that. They heat up quickly, and they will automatically turn off after you are finished. For safety alone, this is a great benefit.

The Hai Hair Flat Iron is designed to be consumer-friendly, as it will curl, straighten, or twist. This will allow people with all different hair types to be able to use the iron. Then the times where you’re in a hurry, the flat iron can still be used. There’s a faster heat-up time compared to other conventional models, as it will get to the desired temperatures within 25 seconds. This will save you time whenever you want beautiful hair FAST.

Hai Flat Iron Video Review

This video will give you a good idea of what the Hai flat iron looks like as well as some of the things that it can actually do. The reviewer in this video does a good job showing some of the Hai’s best features and benefits. You may also like how she styles her hair so that you can learn some new tips and tricks for your own hairstyle.

Hai Flat Irons – Help With Tough Hair When You Need It

Why do so many people love Hai flat irons?  The reason is that they’re champions when it comes to battling difficult hair.  If you’ve got wavy, curly, thick hair that you just can’t bring under control, this iron just might be the weapon you’ve been looking for.  Let’s look at how Hai flat irons are different, and what customer reviews on Amazon and other sites are saying about them.

The Hai Flat Iron Difference

First of all, Hai flat irons are the fastest heating in the hair straightening world.  Some models get as hot as you need them in just 30 seconds!  And this means HOT.  Because of the high heat, they can turn any kinky mess into sleek, straight strands of hair.  Also, because they’re so fast, you can get your straightening done quickly.

One thing that makes Hai flat irons different is that they use ceramic plates.  The advantage of ceramic is that it prevents the iron from scorching your hair.  This material protects your hair from the heat and also helps to spread it more evenly around.  This means that it’s super-hot without scorching.

The CEO of Hai is a former hairstylist and the whole vision behind the brand is to make products that are good for any type of hair.  Instead of making irons that are just good for certain types of hair, they try to make one that anybody can use.

One way they do this is by selling different plates that you can switch up when you need to.  For example, when you want to work on just straightening your bangs, you can get the right plates without having to buy a different iron.  It’s nice to be able to customize your straightener.

What Reviewers Love About Hai Flat Irons

Reviewers on FOLICA loved the fact that Hai flat irons are light and easy to use.  It really makes doing your hair much more pleasant when you don’t have a heavy piece of gear to use.

They also loved that it doesn’t scorch your hair.  One reviewer said that it was wonderful to finally find a straightener that doesn’t leave the room smelling like burnt hair.  And it’s hot enough to get your hair straightened!

Other reviewers commented that they loved it because it worked wonderfully for their thick, coarse hair.  It straightens without pulling, which some cheaper straighteners do.  Lots of people said it these irons were wonderful because anybody could use them.

Hai flat irons provide a wonderful alternative to irons that pull, scorch and don’t get hot enough.  They’re ideal for any type of hair, no matter how thick and heavy.  And they’ve also got a variety of models with lots of different features to choose from.  This is definitely the brand if you’re tired of battling your tough-to-tame hair.

Important Flat Iron Tip!

After extensive research, we have noticed that the biggest complaint that customers have about their flat iron is that the cord eventually comes loose and stops working. Most irons like the Hai flat iron have a swivel cord to reduce this problem, but this issue is actually caused by the user. These tools are not meant to have the cord wrapped around the iron when not in use.


Instead, you should loosely coil it like you would a garden hose and store it in a drawer. This will drastically extend the life of your flat iron and prevent the cord from coming loose from the iron.

Hai 2 Ceramic Flat Iron

The Hai 2 Flat Iron Is New & Improved

hai 2 ceramic flat iron picAmong those who have used the HAI 2 Ceramic Flat Iron, the overwhelming consensus seems to be complete devotion to this unique hairstyling tool that has finally made it possible for them to have the sleek, shiny, sexy looking hair they’ve always wanted.

The reason for this love affair seems to be two-fold.  Unlike standard flat-irons that attempt to straighten your hair using metal plates that radiate searing heat that dries and damages your hair, the HAI 2 Ceramic Flatiron utilizes a completely different type of technology – one that’s much safer for your hair and more effective at straightening.

The HAI 2 uses two ceramic plates instead of metal.  These ceramic plates conduct heat much more efficiently than metal plates and they help seal moisture into your hair instead of drying it out during the straightening process.  Because of the moisturizing properties of the ceramic plate, the HAI 2 flat iron is also able to operate at a higher heat than standard flatirons.  Therefore, you get much sleeker results without damaging your hair.

The Hai 2 Flat Iron Has Infrared Heat Technology

The other distinguishing feature of the HAI 2 Ceramic Flat Iron is it’s infrared heat technology that works on straightening and conditioning your hair from the inside out.  Which also aids in preventing frizzy, dry hair and gives you a much smoother style.

An added plus mentioned by a lot of users is the fact that the HAI 2 ceramic flat iron heats up quickly – in as little as 25 seconds you’re ready to start styling.  Much faster than standard flat irons which can sometimes take 5 to 10 minutes just to get warmed up.  Even those with extremely thick and curly hair reported being able to complete their styling in less than 10 minutes, whereas with standard flat irons it often takes up to 45.

Hai 2 Is Perfect For All Hair Types

The HAI 2 Ceramic Flat Iron has 5 heat settings and works well on all hair types – a lower setting for bleached, damaged and fine hair, a mid-range setting for normal hair types and higher settings for coarse, thick, extremely curly hair.  The HAI 2 is also recommended by professional stylists who like it not only for the results they can achieve but because it’s also light weight and doesn’t tire their arm even if they use it all day.

Make sure you purchase your HAI 2 flat iron from a trusted distributor to avoid imitations.  You’ll find it at upscale salons in your area but if you want to save money you should check Folica.com for discount prices and free shipping.

Hai Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron

The Hai Convertible Flat Iron

hai convertible flat ironImagine having one tool in your bathroom that you could use to straighten, curl, flip, twirl, and shine your hair – that tool is the HAI Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron. Although it is, at the core, a flat iron, it does so much more than that and women all around the country are using it to create innovative hair styles that used to take multiple tools and products to do.

All HAI flat irons are designed to protect your hair, first and foremost. The HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron has auto temperature control so you can use it on fine, bleached or colored hair, or the thickest ethnic hair. No matter how curly or unruly your mane is, the HAI Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron will be able to straighten it out quickly and still leave your hair looking smooth and shiny and free from frizz.

What Customers Love About The Hai Convertable Flat Iron

Customers have long been looking for a flat iron that heated quickly and all HAI flat irons are designed to heat up to optimum temperature in as little as fifteen seconds, which is much faster than other appliances. With an automatic shut-off, you also know it is safe in case you happen to leave it on when you rush out of the house in the morning.

The ergonomic design of the HAI Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron makes it comfortable for big and little hands alike and you will not get tired holding it, since it is designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand.

But most importantly, the HAI convertible ceramic ionic flat hair iron is a multi-tasking machine, allowing you to curl, straighten, and improve shine and body all with one piece of equipment. With 1-1/4” plates, you can straighten the shortest hair or bangs or the longest head of curly hair. You can use those same infrared-heated plates to create curly hair styles, too. In short, there is almost nothing that you can’t do with this product.

Why Buy The Hai Flat Iron

When it comes to quality flat irons, HAI is far and away the leader in the market, not only because of the many innovative designs that they have brought to haircare, but because they provide customers with safe and effective designs that create beautiful hair while protecting the health of the hair and the safety of the customers. You can’t go wrong buying a HAI flat iron hair straightener for you or your family.

Hai Convertable Flat Iron Video Tutorial

Hai Stik Ceramic Flat Iron

hai stik ceramic flat ironHai Stik Flat Iron

If you are looking for a professional flat iron at an affordable price, this straightener might be just what you have been looking for. Customers love how the Hai stik ceramic flat iron leaves their hair feeling soft, healthy, shiny and straighter than ever before.

Many customers have tried other flat irons in the past, even more expensive irons, but all of them seem to prefer the effectiveness of the Hai nu stik.

The Hai Nu-Stik 1 Inch Professional Ceramic Flat Iron uses 2 ceramic plates for straightening, instead of metal.  Ceramic conducts heat much better than those old metal plates and it also helps seal moisture into your hair instead of burning it all out.  You’ll find you can often completely eliminate the use of additional styling products.  Your hair will be much softer and shinier because you’ll be sealing in moisture and you won’t have to use those damaging styling products that weigh it down and make it dull and lifeless.

The HAI Stik also works to style your hair from the inside of the shaft out, using infrared heat technology.  Old style heat bakes your hair from the outside, taking longer to dry and style your hair, and exposing your hair to more heat damage than necessary.  With infrared heat your straightening takes less time, it’s less damaging, and the results are much longer lasting.

The HAI Nu Stik 1 Inch Professional Ceramic Flat Iron has 5 heat settings, making it perfect for any type of hair and it only takes 10 seconds for it to come to full temperature.  Even those with the most difficult hair report cutting their styling time from nearly an hour a day to less than 10 minutes.  Get a smoother, shinier, sleeker style, that lasts all day, in a fraction of the time it takes with those old straighteners.

Customers Love The Hai Stik Ceramic Flat Iron

So, what about the Hai Stik ceramic flat iron do customers love? Well, many people liked that it had a fixed narrow plate, just the right width for their hair.  Otherwise, there are other things that they found worthwhile and would recommend to others:

  • variable temperatures for all thicknesses of hair
  • quick to heat up
  • straightens in seconds
  • gives hair glossy and frizzless appearance
  • doesn’t need reheating all of the time
  • can be accidently forgotten and it will turn itself off
  • is easy to handle and work with

It was a pleasure for most to get their hair straight as some have big curls running straight through the center of them and it is almost impossible to manage.   Some have tried other products to stop this mess and get rid of that wave, but in the end most were forced to accept buying a straightener to help.

Hai Stik Flat Iron Conclusion

The Hai Stik ceramic flat iron is a good quality, affordable and practical machine that does exactly what it claims to be able to do.  This Hai flat iron is incredibly affordable and the results are pretty fantastic. The extra $20 that you will pay for the Hai stik flat iron compared to a department store variety is well worth the investment. This flat iron will give you the silky, smooth and sexy hair that you have always wanted without breaking the bank in the process.


Hai Twig Ceramic Flat Iron

picture of the hai twig ceramic flat ironThe Thinnest Hai Flat Iron

The Hai Twig Ceramic Flat Iron is the thinnest ceramic tool on the market, which is perfect for those with shorter or thinner hair. Many customers love how this iron works so well on their bangs as well as the rest of their hair. The hai twig flat iron will give you salon quality results at a very affordable price.

What Customers Are Loving About The Hai Twig Flat Iron

Even women who have short hair like to straighten it occasionally and that’s sometimes difficult to do with wide plate flat irons.  But the HAI Twig Ceramic Flat Iron is perfect for straightening even the shortest hair and customers who’ve used it are just as happy with it as they are with all of the HAI products.

When using a flat iron with 2 or 2 ½ inch plates it’s difficult to style some short hairstyles.  Especially if you’re using one of the old-style flat irons.  You either end up missing stray strands that stick up for the rest of the day or you burn your hand, or worse yet your scalp, trying to get down to the roots.  But women who’ve used the HAI Twig Ceramic Flat Iron say it’s completely eliminated those problems – and then some.

The HAI Twig has 3/8 inch plates that allow you to straighten even the shortest of hairstyles easily and effortlessly – without burning your fingers or scalp.  And, while the smaller plates do help the new technology in the Twig also has a large part to do with the success of your hairstyle.

Hai Twig Has 5 Heat Settings

Even though the HAI Twig Ceramic Flat Iron has 5 heat settings that make it perfect for any hair type, those ceramic plates are cool to the touch because it doesn’t use a standard radiant heat like those old-fashioned straighteners.  The Twig uses infrared heat which means it heats your hair molecules from the inside of the shaft outward.  You’ll have none of the damaging, drying effects from the heat like you do with that other straightener.

And those ceramic plates also help seal the moisture in your hair instead of burning it out.  Women with short hairstyles who’ve used the HAI Twig say they’ve completely stopped using those styling products, that can also cause your hair to be dull and lifeless, because they’re not burning the moisture out of their hair when they use the Twig.

The HAI Twig Ceramic Flat Iron has 5 heat settings making it perfect for any type of hair – whether your hair is fragile and thin, normal, or even thick and coarse – and it reaches temperature in less than 10 seconds.   No matter their hair type, users report reducing their drying time from 45 or 50 minutes to less than 10 minutes and their hair is sleek, soft, shiny and ready to go.

Hai Twig Benefits

  • 3/8 inch wide plates
  • thinnest type of ceramic iron on the market
  • swivelling cord
  • full temperature controls
  • great for bangs, short hair and special touches

Many women think that this iron is the best thing they have found for their bangs and hair since they first tried to spray their hair.  With such short hair, this machine makes it a breeze to prepare in the morning.  Many people can even reach right down to their roots and not a single hair can get away.  Most importantly, they can never burn their scalps, faces, ears or fingers as the outside casing is insulated against the heat.  Within a matter of seconds, the Hai Twig ceramic flat iron is red hot.  Seconds later, their bangs are flat and with a quick spray of hair spray, they are off out to work or on dates without any worries.  They can even carry it in their purses for touch ups!

The Hai Hair Straightener Difference

Hai Hair Straightener

big-frizzy-perm-hair pictureYears ago, everybody wanted curls.  It was all about perms and adding volume to your hair.  These days, we want it straight.  The style now is to bring that unmanageable hair with all its kinks and curls under control!  That’s why there are so many straighteners out there today.  Hai hair straighteners are some of the best on the market and there are a few reasons why.

Hai Hair Straighteners Plate Sizes

The concept behind the Hai hair straightener is to make salon-quality tools that can be used for any hair type.  All of their products are designed for maximum flexibility so that anybody – whether you’ve got thin, dry hair or thick, coarse hair – can use them.  One way they make their straighteners so flexible is their plate system.

They sell different plate sizes so that you can switch them up whenever you want to.  The sizes come from 1 to 2 inch range, and that covers a lot of ground.  The variety of sizes allows you to get a better grip on your hair depending on your hair type.  If you’ve got short thin hair, or you want to work on straightening out your bangs, the smaller plates are better.  When you want to battle the longest and thickest hair, you can use the larger plates.

Variable Temperature Control

You can also choose different temperature settings for your hair type.  In general, if you’ve got fine or dry hair, you should use a low temperature.  For thicker and more difficult hair, use a higher heat setting.  Hai hair straighteners are known for getting very hot very fast, so this cuts down considerably on the time it takes to get it straight.

Ionic Technology

ionic technologyAlthough Hai hair straighteners aren’t the only ones on the market to use ionic technology, they were the first to.  Ionic technology bombards your hair with negative ions.

It does this to counteract the positive ions that your hair’s charged with after brushing or drying.  These positive ions are what cause your hair to get frizzy and static charged.

Even Heat Distribution

Hai hair straighteners are also nice because they distribute the heat evenly, which prevents scorch or over-straightening.  They have ceramic bodies which help to achieve this effect.  Again, they’re not the only brand on the market that makes their products out of ceramic, but it’s one of the things that people love about them.

Hai hair straighteners make high-quality, high-performance styling tools that are loved by stylists and ordinary folks alike.  They’re so universally loved because they can quickly and effectively straighten any kind of hair – whether thin and brittle, or thick and coarse.  They’re considered some of the best in the industry.

Why My Stylist Uses The Hai Flat Iron

One of the earliest models that used ceramic type plates was the Hai Flat Iron.  They came out with varied models, each of which share varied benefits that will make your hair sparkle with new life.  In fact, regardless of the one you choose, this flat iron will make your styling work easier, faster and more efficient.

Professional Hairstylist Review Of The Hai Flat Iron

I have been in the hairstyling business for thirty years now, running my own salon where I rent out chairs to varied excellent hair dressers.  At one point, I was forced to change my ten hair styling irons, frustrated because the flat irons were just not doing the job that they once did.  I had to keep our reputation and picked up my own set of Hai products with great enthusiasm.

So, what benefits did I give my clients with the Hai Flat Iron? Well, top quality styling is what I had in mind.  In fact, being one of the less expensive hair flattening products, I found that the benefits really were well worth the price that I paid for them.  Check these out:

  • lightweight
  • easy to control temperatures
  • heats quickly
  • leaves hair straight
  • leaves hair silky
  • leaves hair glossy
  • varied ceramic plates, all of which are removable
  • uses very little electricity
  • saves time
  • available for short or long hair
  • can flatten even tight types of curls
  • versatile 8 foot swivel cord

Hai Flat Iron Conclusion

As with many of the Hai products, you will find that you can choose between plates that are small or large, rounded on the edges or not, something that I found very useful.  Though many people confuse this with tongs, the reality is that Hai makes flat iron plates that have rounded edges specifically for dealing with thinner, finer and shorter types of hair styles.  I personally found they worked brilliantly on my bangs.  Others use them for straightening very curly hair that is not just short, but very hard to uncurl. The rounded edges also reduce hair pulling.

In total there are five Hai irons available, though only three truly flat ones.  They range in price from as low as $50 to $100 US, though I have seen them on sale for less than that.  Now with designs for the American market, these irons make light work of what was once a tedious task.  My customers are happy and my salon is now even more popular than before.  I have even gotten requests to sell my own Hai Flat Iron, but of course I won’t.  They can get their own much cheaper online.

Hai Flat Iron Reviews

Hai Flat Iron Reviews

After extensive research and personal experience, we want to share with you what other customers are saying about the Hai Flat Iron.

First of all, we were surprised at how many salon professionals choose the hai flat iron as their weapon of choice. Many reviews come from regular customers who were referred to HAI by their stylist.

It just goes to show that you don’t need to pay $200 to get an excellent hair straightener that will give you salon results!

We have included a few reviews below that are a good representation of what most customers are saying about the hai flat irons…

Hai Flat Iron Positive Reviews

After reading hundreds of reviews we have found that most customers are saying that the Hai flat irons are very affordable compared to other models in the same class. Customers with thick, curly or long hair also agree that Hai does a great job of leaving their hair feeling soft, smooth and silky while cutting their straightening time in half.

My stylist used a ceramic hair straightener on me and I was so pleased with the result that I looked to buy one straight away. I was nervous that I would buy it and wouldn’t be able to get the desired effect, but I have been pleasantly surprised. My hair is short and growing out and this has made managing it so much easier. It works very effectively, heats up quickly and is easy and convenient to store away after use. It was also half the price than if I had bought a different brand.  I’m really glad I bought it (Amazon Customer)

I bought this for my daughter, but she told me it’s one of the best on the market and that it works great, on her thick, course hair. (Kim)

Hai Flat Iron Negative Reviews

We also wanted to provide you with a couple of negative reviews, because its always a good idea to be aware of problems that other customers have experienced. The first review isn’t necessarily “negative”, but I wanted to include it for you because this is a problem that many people experience with their flat irons…

Customers who have problems with the power cord for the HAI Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron or for any flat iron often have one thing in common: They tightly wrap the power cord around their flat iron prior to putting them away. This improper method of storage will severely damage a power cord for any product. To avoid damaging the power cord, do not wrap the cord around your flat iron. Instead, store the cord loosely coiled.

Once this change in habit was made, I never saw another problem with a power cord again. (CJ, South Korea)

Overall, you just can’t beat the price and quality of the hai flat iron. If you want a flat iron that will give you professional salon results without breaking the bank, then you will be very happy with HAI. Just be sure to take care of it and never wrap the cord around it for storage and you will have a great hair straightener for years to come.

Hai Flat Iron vs Chi Flat Iron

Hai vs Chi

Are you wondering which flat iron is better? Well, we will try and cut through all the hype and break it down as easy as possible. The Hai flat iron and the Chi are very similar in their actual design and technology. They both contain the ceramic plates that produce negative ions, which reduce frizz and static electricity.

Both models have similar size plates that allow for versatility so that you can straighten, curl, flip or create sexy waves. They both have an ergonomic design which makes styling easier and faster and they both have a nice 10 foot power cord so you don’t need to be right next to an outlet when you are styling.

The Hai Flat Iron Costs Less

Now this is where the similarities between the two models will end. The Hai flat iron is typically less expensive than the Chi irons depending on where you purchase them. Of course we will show you how to get the Hai flat irons at around $20 less than its Chi counterpart.

The Hai iron is basically the least expensive professional hair straightening iron that you can buy. You will pay almost 4 times less than some of the higher end flat irons. The best thing about Hai is that it gets as good or even better reviews than some of these very expensive flat irons.

Just because the Hai flat iron costs less than others does not mean that it is somehow inferior. You will still be able to get salon style results without having to pay a stylist. If you are looking for an affordable flat iron that will leave your hair feeling silky, sexy and smooth every time, then the Hai may be perfect for you.

Beware Of Fake Chi Flat Irons

Unfortunately, Chi flat irons have become highly counterfeited and can be found on both the internet and in actual stores. This has become such a big problem that many stores do not even realize that they are selling knockoffs.

If you have done a lot of research online, you have probably discovered that many Chi reviews say that the flat iron broke or the cord fell out or it just stopped working all together. It’s sad, but many of these flat irons were probably fake and that is why they fell apart so fast.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a Chi flat iron, be sure to do your homework and buy from a trusted online store. Stay away from sites like ebay and craigslist because they are full of fake Chi flat irons. You should also make sure that you do not purchase a Chi flat iron at the lowest possible price that you can find because those are most certainly fake. How to spot a fake chi

Video Review Of The Hai Flat Iron

This is a very good video created by a hairstylist that actually prefers the HAI flat iron above all other flat irons on the market. She gives some great advice and you get a great view of the Hai and all its features. Enjoy…

Hai Flat Iron Benefits

The Hai Flat Iron

hai flat ironHai Flat Irons are renowned for their innovative technologies, their high-quality products and affordability so that anyone can own a professional salon quality hairstyling tool. If you are looking for a flat iron that will quickly get the job done and not cost you a fortune, then the Hai Flat Iron may be perfect for you…

All hai hair flat irons feature a rapid heating element for quick styling as well as a temperature control dial that provides the perfect temperature for different hair types and styles.

The high quality ceramic plates will disperse heat evenly which prevents hot spots that can damage the hair follicle. Instead, the hai flat irons contain an infra-red heating technology that actually locks in the hairs moisture and preserves essential hair oils, thus virtually eliminating breakage and hair damage.

If you have used cheaper flat irons in the past, then you understand the damage that can be done.

Hai Flat Iron Review

My hairdresser uses this flat iron on my hair and I always wondered if it was more than hair products that create a good look at a salon. Now I know. This flat iron is the best! – Rock Daisy (SoCal)

I love this flat iron…its cut my getting ready time down to 20 minutes which is great cause I have 3 small kids. It’s really bailed me out of a bad hair cut too. It makes my hair really straight, soft and shiny! LOVE IT!!! – Brocks (Essex, CT)

Hai Flat Iron History

Richard Ouellette is the creator and inventor of the Hai brand of hairstyling tools. HAI is actually short for Hair, Art & Information and is a world renowned beauty-care company with headquarters in Southern California. Hai has received many accolades both nationally and internationally, and has recently been featured in places like Vogue, Glamour, Elle and Allure.

Richard Ouellette states, “HAI prides itself on the development of innovative, high-quality tools designed with the specific needs of the professional hairstylist as well as the consumer in mind.”

Hai is committed to providing even more innovative and exciting products that are currently in the works. Bottom line is, if you are looking for a flat iron that will leave your hair feeling healthy, silky, smooth and sexy, without busting your budget, then the hai flat iron might just be the perfect hairstyling tool for you.

Hai Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron Review

I just wanted to provide this video for you so that you can get a better look at the hai flat iron. The reviewer is also pretty unbiased and she gives you a good idea of what this flat iron will be able to do for you. As you can see, this flat iron really can do a lot especially for the very affordable price.